The Heimdall Product

The Heimdall sensors are assembled in a robust sphere called the neuron. Data from the neurons are presented together with contextual data through Heimdall Brain, our user friendly cloud and software solution.


Installation of the neuron takes 5-10 minutes on live wires, here is a 5 minute video explaining how you do that:

Function specification of the

Heimdall Software

Geographic navigationYes
Thermal management moduleYes
Sag module including Ice Yes
Dynamic Line Rating moduleYes
Weather moduleYes
Customer alarm definitions and settingsYes
Communication to SCADAYes, through REST API

Product specification of the

Heimdall Neuron V3.1

Weight5,85 kg
Size25 cm diameter
Powerline diameter9mm-38mm
Voltage tolerance -> 480 kV
Current tolerance for operationsMinimum 25A, Max 1000A (AC)
Sensor: Temp Wire-30 to 80 C
Sensor: Temp Housing-30 to 80 C
Sensor: Wire angle 0-30 degrees
Sensor: Current in the line0 to 1000A
Sensor: Short circuit detection0,03 seconds
Installation methodHotstick
Installation on live wiresYes
Power supplyPower harvester and internal capacitor
Communication 1Cellular (LTE-m / CAT-M1)
Communication 2LoRa