The power of knowing

Heimdall Power

The electric grid is an essential infrastructure to human life and is crucial for enabling a sustainable, green energy future.

It is mankinds largest machine, one hundred years old in design.

The grid must be upgraded for the 21st century energy future.

​Heimdall Power offers a rapid transition to fully digitized electric grid assets.

The Heimdall Power Neurons are intelligent sensors that measure everything from power, line inclination, line vibration, snow load to wire temperature.

​Using machine learning, our software predicts line faults before they happen, minimises blackouts and makes maintenance more effective. With better control you can optimize the energy distribution. 

Our solution can increase the capacity of the grid by 25%.


Collecting new insights from the grid will effect us all

Map of target customer groups


Less stranded energy 
Reduced investments

Grid Owners

Capacity increase
Saved investments
Op & Maint reduction


Transparency on grid flow


Balanced and robust grid
Green shift enabler
Electrification of cars, ferries…
Reduced area need for new lines

Big consumers

Increased reliability
Reduced costs
Better quality

Private Consumers

Reduced blackouts/faults
Reduced grid tariffs


We provide you with max power, max control, max uptime
— with minimum investments

Increased line capacity through dynamic line rating / thermal management

Prediction of snow and ice building

Location of short circuits or broken lines

Diagnostics for maintenance planning

Reports for investment planning 


Discover how Heimdall Power helps you turn data into insights — from detailed reporting tools to intelligent data analysis

Heimdall Power logo with the neurons marked

The hardware

A unique low-cost sensor-package called Heimdall Neuron

Heimdall Power logo with the brain highlighted

The software

A secure cloudbased software called the Heimdall brain

Heimdall Power logo with the body marked

The Process

A digitized electric grid enables new work processes and value creation