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At Heimdall Power we have one thought in mind: helping utilities run their power grids as effective, safe and cost-efficient as possible.

With our software and physical sensors, we provide our customers with world-leading solutions for Ambient Adjusted Rating (AAR), Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) and asset health monitoring, enabling increased power grid utilization across the globe.

While our solutions excel in single-line applications, their true potential is unleashed in system-wide monitoring projects. For the first time in history, the benefits of such system-wide deployments are now released at an accessible price point.

Read on to learn more about the various grid enhancing solutions we deliver to utilities world-wide, and most importantly; how you can utilize them to get the most out of your power grid.

Product Portfolio

Heimdall AAR

An effective entry-level solution for more dynamic ratings of high-voltage overhead lines. Our AAR enables you to meet all the requirements of FERC Order 881 while increasing transmission capacity in a safe, fast, and cost-effective manner.

Heimdall DLR

Our world-leading Dynamic Line Rating is a comprehensive, scalable, and easy-to-deploy solution that uses virtual and physical sensors (Neurons) to measure directly on the line, achieving the perfect balance of precision and cost-efficiency for your system-wide projects.

Heimdall HEALTH

Safeguard your assets 24/7. Detect and locate faults in your grid, keep track of extensive icing and vibrations, and monitor the development of asset health. It can be added to select lines in system-wide capacity monitoring projects.

Project scale

Our projects are deployed either at system-wide or single-line scale. Below you can learn more about the two approaches, how they differ from each other and their strengths and weaknesses. 

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Heimdall Code of Conduct

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