Our green global mission

The electric grid is the largest man-made machine. It spans the globe, providing structure, balance and life to the energy system of our planet. It’s an essential infrastructure to enable a sustainable, green energy future. Heimdall Power is a young Norwegian technology company. With proven technology, we provide the tools and insight needed to maintain grid operations effectively. Our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence systems ensures optimized grid performance. This allows us to be smart guardians of the grid.
Field testing at Gjøvik and Dokka, Norway 
Optimizing power grids globally


Accelerate the energy transition by optimizing power grids to be safer, more reliable and affordable, while protecting people and planet
Digitalisation of the powergrid contributes to several of UN’s sustainability goals:



We provide a complete solution for power grids optimization and earn confidence from our customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders by focusing on safety and information security.


We pursue new ideas and solutions, are courageous on shaping the future and continuously improve our technology and services.


We are committed to the Green Shift and contribute to 6 of UN’s Sustainability Goals by having a sustainable mindset in our business practices.


We believe in the power of teamwork and support collaboration across teams, departments and organizations. Be kind and do good.

Certificates & Compliance

ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001

Heimdall Power have certifications of ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001. It is an important milestone for Heimdall Power to be a reliable and professional technology company that consistently provides high quality products and services to our clients and contributes to the global green shift.

REACH & RoHS Compliance

Heimdall Power are working in accordance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS), and we certify that our products are manufactured according to REACH Directive 2015/830/EU by our contract manufacture(s). Click the icons above to read our full statements.


Top 100 Global Cleantech list

Top 100 Global Cleantech list

One of two Scandinavian companies selected from 13.000 prospects. San Francisco, USA. January 2019

Top 3 in Cleantech Scandinvia

Top 3 in Cleantech Scandinvia

Only Norwegian company qualifying for the final. Malmø, Sweden. May 2018

Winner of "Fornybarprisen" (The renewables prize)

In 2022 we were awarded this prize for our groundbreaking technology, contributing directly to enabling and accelerating the green transition.

The Heimdall Power logo

In Norse Viking mythology, Heimdall guarded Asgard. He could hear the grass grow, he could see everything, and he was the perfect watchman with extraordinary integrity. Our logo is a Viking-face where you can find our Neuron, radio waves, electromagnetic waves, a high voltage mast and the millennium man.


Heimdall Power is a proud member of CurrENT. CurrENT is the key industry association representing innovative grid technology companies operating in Europe. currENT’s objective is to see renewables take up massively, climate change mitigated successfully, while security of supply is kept high, and costs kept low.

Heimdall power is a proud member of the Working for Advanced Transmission Technologies (WATT) Coalition in the United Sates.

The WATT Coalition educates policymakers and stakeholders on the value of Grid-Enhancing Technologies (GETs) and barriers to deployment.

Heimdall Power is committed to managing environmental and social impact in a responsible and effective way.

Ethical Trade Norway is the largest network of enterprises in the Nordic countries working committed and systematic to secure sustainable supply chains.


Engaging with our Vendor Partners and Suppliers

We expect our vendor partners to maintain the highest standards of business ethics, integrity and respect for human rights and to become familiar with and comply with our policies as outlined in our Partner Guide. We also expect vendor partners to operate their businesses in compliance with all applicable laws and to maintain lawful environmental, health and safety practices that meet or exceed all applicable laws and standards, as outlined in our Position on Human Trafficking and Slavery.

Heimdall Code of Conduct

The Supplier is to hold and maintain at all times the Heimdall Code of Conduct addressing human rights, worker rights, the environment and corruption.

The Supplier must acknowledge HP’s Code of Conduct in all new contractual arrangements. The Supplier must do this by signing the HP Compliance Letter (exhibit).

The Supplier is obligated to communicate the contents of Compliance Letter (Exhibit) to related entities and subcontractors who support the Supplier in supplying goods, works or services on behalf of HP. This will ensure that subcontractors conduct their business in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

If requested by HP, the Supplier must provide evidence and confirmation of its compliance with the Compliance Letter (Exhibit), including by providing documents and records in support of its compliance.