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It is no coincidence that our company, Heimdall Power, takes its name from the god Heimdall from Norse Mythology.


Similar to Heimdall, we guard an important realm, the power grid.

The power grid is a core necessity for the proper function of today's world. Our Heimdall Power Neurons connect the grid to our systems - to the brain, so to speak - making it even smarter and more intelligent.

Through impulses our Neurons communicate and allow grid owners to receive important messages about their grids condition - much like our brain collects and interprets sensory elements like touch, smell and sound.

The Realm

The realm in which Heimdall guards is known as Asgard and is home to the Aesir tribe of gods. It also contains other realms, including Valhalla.


Heimdall is the guardian of Asgard, the gods' stronghold. He executes his job with precision and integrity, to serve the dwellers of Asgard and protect them from harm. 

The company

Just as Heimdall guards Asgard, our mission is to guard and provide safety and security to the power grid. Much like Heimdall, we value and strive for integrity in all that we do.



Much like Heimdall, we, and our Neurons, aim to provide security and safety for our partners and their users. Our Neurons' sensors measure and report, providing warning of issue in case of emergency and predicting future issues or costs that may occur, using artificial intelligence technology.



Heimdall has keen senses and abilities, possessing foreknowledge, requiring "less sleep than a bird", having eyesight so keen he can see for hundreds of miles in day or night, and having hearing so acute that he can "hear grass grow". He guards Asgard, dwelling at Himinbjörg (located where the burning rainbow bridge meets heaven) and waits, blowing his Gjallarhorn as a warning of intruders.