Heimdall Power launches largest Dynamic Line Rating project in the U.S. with Great River Energy

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Houston, Texas, U.S., March 20, 2024

Heimdall Power and Great River Energy, the power cooperative providing electricity to 1.7 million in the Upper Midwest, today announced the largest Dynamic Line Rating project (DLR) in the U.S. to date.

To increase the transmission capacity of its existing infrastructure, Great River Energy will install 52 of Heimdall Power’s Neurons (known colloquially as “magic balls”) throughout its electrical grid. This project will exceed the scale of previous DLR projects in the U.S., which have capped at just over 40 sensors.

The company’s decision to install 52 of Heimdall Power’s Neurons across its grids follows the success of its recent pilot project. After installing the first four Heimdall Power Neurons, Great River Energy was able to switch from static seasonal line ratings to Dynamic Line Ratings.

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Heimdall Power Neuron on power line

52 Neurons from Heimdall Power will soon be deployed across Great River Energy’s grid.

This pilot deployment resulted in a 42.8% average increase in transmission capacity on a key line in Great River Energy’s transmission system. For Great River Energy, this new project will set the foundation for it to become one of the most efficient grid operators in the U.S., contributing to reduced carbon emissions and saving customers money.

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“We are laser focused on achieving our mission of providing affordable and reliable electricity to communities across the Midwest,” said Priti Patel, VP of Transmission at Great River Energy, before continuing with the following statement.

“This technology will help us unlock grid congestion and achieve additional transmission capacity from our existing infrastructure. The pilot project has revealed the impact these sensors can have on our operational efficiency.

“Real-time line capacity data is the untapped secret weapon for utilities, who are experiencing an unprecedented demand for new grid capacity. Heimdall Power’s monitoring solution enables GRE and other utilities around the world to increase capacity on existing power lines by 30-40% in a matter of weeks and months, compared to the 7-12 years it normally takes to build a new transmission line.” said Jørgen Festervoll, CEO of Heimdall Power, before rounding of with the following remarks.

“GRE is a very customer centric utility and this project allows them to utilize more of their existing grid, keeping costs down for rate payers without compromising on reliability. GRE’s commitment to use new technology provides a blueprint for other utilities seeking to optimize their power grid towards a more cost effective and sustainable future.”

About Great River Energy

Great River Energy is a not-for-profit wholesale electric power cooperative that provides electricity to approximately 1.7 million people through its 27 member-owner cooperatives and customers. Through our member-owners, we serve two-thirds of Minnesota geographically and parts of Wisconsin. 

About Heimdall Power

Heimdall Power is a technology company that specializes in power grid optimization, making the world’s grids smarter, more capable and more sustainable. Heimdall Power’s technology is in use by over 40 utilities in 17 countries, across Europe, Asia and in the United States, where it has successfully increased power grid capacity for companies like Swissgrid, Austrian Power Grid, TenneT and Great River Energy by as much as 40%. The company designs and develops industrial devices and smart software solutions in support of its mission to enable swift, secure and affordable energy transitions around the world. Heimdall Power was founded in 2016 with European headquarters in Oslo, Norway and US headquarters located in Houston, Texas.

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