Heimdall AAR

Our Effective Entry-Level Solution for Adopting Dynamic Ratings for High Voltage Overhead Lines

Instant Set Up

Thanks to our virtual Neurons, Heimdall AAR can be set up instantly, allowing grid operators to obtain better line ratings for every overhead line within seconds. 

Fully Compliant

The solution combines high-resolution weather nowcasts and forecasts with our proprietary rating system, ensuring full compliance with FERC Order 881 and NERC FAC-008.

Highly Adaptable

Heimdall AAR employs fully configurable virtual Neurons, making it easy to adapt to your specific needs and set tolerances and cut-offs.

Key Benefits

  • Proactive Planning: 10-day forecasting with hourly updates allows for better proactive operational planning.

  • Enhanced Emergency Management: Emergency ratings provide quick responses to critical situations, improving safety and reliability.

  • Seamless Integration: Easy integration with SCADA/EMS systems ensures smooth adoption into existing infrastructure.

  • Best-in-Class Weather Data: Uses ultra high-resolution weather data (300x300ft) for precise and reliable ratings.

  • Future-Ready: Seamless upgrade to DLR ensures scalability and future-proofing.

  • Standards-Based: Calculated based on industry standards (IEEE 738-2012 or CIGRE TB-601), guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.


Discover Our Grid-Enhancing Technologies

Physical Sensor 

Heimdall Neuron

The Neuron is a robust industrial IoT device for monitoring of high-voltage power lines. Tried and trusted by more than 30 utilities across 16 countries. Fully compliant with FERC Order 881. 

Virtual Sensor 

Virtual Neuron

Virtual Neurons are software-based sensors that can be quickly deployed to monitor grid capacity, by combining weather and asset data. Fully compliant with FERC Order 881.


Heimdall Cloud

Heimdall Cloud is our software for everything from real-time grid monitoring, forecasting and analysis to grid planning and asset health management. Easy to use straight out of the box. 

Autonomous Drone System

Autonomous Drone System

To ensure safe, fast and scalable deployments of our Physical Neurons, we have developed a patented autonomous drone system for easy installations on live lines.

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Heimdall Code of Conduct

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