Corporate governance policy

Heimdall Power considers good corporate governance to be a prerequisite for value creation and trustworthiness and for access to capital. In order to secure strong and sustainable corporate governance, it is important that Heimdall Power ensure good and healthy business practices, reliable financial reporting and an environment of compliance with legislation and regulations. ​

Information Security Policy

As a professional organization delivering products and services to critical infrastructure, Information Security is a core concern for Heimdall Power as an organization and integrated into all business activities and operations.

We establish our Information Security Management System as per the ISO 27001 requirements and best practices. 

The goal of the Information Security Management System is to ensure that Heimdall Power:
  • complies with internal and external requirements and expectations,

  • complies with relevant laws, rules, and regulations, and

  • operates according to security best practices. 
Heimdall Power Information Security Management System is based on the following axioms:
  • international standards and best practices,

  • information security controls based on ISO 27001 Annex A,

  • risk management and assessment based on
    ISO 31000 and ISO 27005, and 

  • privacy regulations such as GDPR.

The Information Security Management System applies to all employees and third parties such as consultants, strategic suppliers, partners, and sub-contractors.

Brage Johansen, CEO, 29.06.2021

Quality Policy

As a professional organization delivering products and services to critical infrastructure, quality is the core of all business activities at Heimdall Power.  Heimdall Power aims to be a market leader in the power grid digitalization region and is committed to provide reliable products and best services to our customers.

We establish our Quality Management System as per the ISO 9001 requirements and best practices.

We are committed to comply with regulations, legislations and codes of practice relevant to the industry in which we operate.

We work closely with our contractors, suppliers and partners to ensure quality delivery of their services.

We set up meaningful quality objectives and ensure all personnel understanding and contributing to the achievement of the objectives.

All personnel within Heimdall Power are responsible for the quality of their work. We attract talent, build competence and prompt a healthy and friendly work environment to motivate our staff and maximize their contribution to the quality of our products and services.

We strive to continuously improve our products, services and processes, and encourage our personnel to contribute to continuous improvement.

Brage Johansen, CEO, 29.06.2021

Environmental Policy

The Heimdall Power’s business model is based on a green global mission and Heimdall Power contributes to several UN stainability goals.
Heimdall Power is committed to managing environmental impact in a responsible & effective way and continuously improving the environmental performance. Also contributing to climate-positive progress by decarbonizing our operations and supply chain.

We establish our Environmental Management System as per the ISO 14001 requirements and best practices.
We continuously work on improving our products, services, and processes to minimize the environmental impact and operating with a minimal environmental footprint.
We see the environmental regulations, legislations, and codes of practice relevant to the industry in which we operate as the lowest requirements to fulfil.
We actively source environment-friendly parts and components and encourage our major contract manufacturers and suppliers to develop similar environmental policies.
We set meaningful environmental objectives and ensure all personnel understand and contribute to the achievement of the objectives.
We continuously improve our environmental impact and our management system by educating and training our employees in environmental issues and the environmental effects of our activities, and we continuously identify and manage our environmental risks.

Brage Johansen, CEO, 01.11.2021

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Engaging with our Vendor Partners and Suppliers

We expect our vendor partners to maintain the highest standards of business ethics, integrity and respect for human rights and to become familiar with and comply with our policies as outlined in our Partner Guide. We also expect vendor partners to operate their businesses in compliance with all applicable laws and to maintain lawful environmental, health and safety practices that meet or exceed all applicable laws and standards, as outlined in our Position on Human Trafficking and Slavery.

Heimdall Code of Conduct

The Supplier is to hold and maintain at all times the Heimdall Code of Conduct addressing human rights, worker rights, the environment and corruption.

The Supplier must acknowledge HP’s Code of Conduct in all new contractual arrangements. The Supplier must do this by signing the HP Compliance Letter (exhibit).

The Supplier is obligated to communicate the contents of Compliance Letter (Exhibit) to related entities and subcontractors who support the Supplier in supplying goods, works or services on behalf of HP. This will ensure that subcontractors conduct their business in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

If requested by HP, the Supplier must provide evidence and confirmation of its compliance with the Compliance Letter (Exhibit), including by providing documents and records in support of its compliance.