Installation of Heimdall Power’s IoT sensors for line monitoring on Swissgrid overhead power lines

Brage Johansen
Brage Johansen


The Swiss TSO, Swissgrid, is carrying out installation work on the 220kV high-voltage lines in Handeck – Innertkirchen in March 2021. The Norwegian company Heimdall Power is providing sophisticated sensor units (neurons) which are installed on the conductors using a helicopter. The neurons measure a wide range of relevant values for the conductors without using an external power supply. The measured values ​​obtained are sent via the cellular network to a cloud-based monitoring application for further processing. To read more about the sensors, software and use cases visit

This is a setup for the monitoring of lines with the aim of better recording and more precisely modeling their thermodynamic behavior. Swissgrid is interested in a reliable prognosis of the line capacity taking into account the conductor cable properties and the climatic conditions. The aim is to check whether the static current values ​​used today for operational management could be replaced by forecast values ​​that consider the actual microclimatic conditions. The real-time monitoring starts in April 2021 and will continue for 2 years, with an option of 2 additional years.

For additional information, please contact:

  • Swissgrid: media _(at)_
  • Heimdall Power: Joachim H. Andersen (VP Sales)  |  +47 959 46 995  |  joachim _at_


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